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So for the PSA fliers I'm going to come up with a website and I need a meeting place/time to get people together and see if we can organize something for real. I emailed a professor that used to be associated with the club (faculty advisor?) as suggested by another old member, so we'll see if he's interested in lending some official credentials to this project. Since it isn't an official student organization yet I can't request a classroom for a meeting... does anyone have any suggestions for a place? It would need to be easy to find and conducive to socializing. I'm considering the Union Underground, although from what I remember it could get noisy and crowded... maybe not so much on a weekday evening? Not sure; haven't been there in a while. I was also thinking of an outdoor location, like in one of the library courtyards, by a fountain or the turtle pond, etc., but if the weather is bad then that wouldn't work out so well. Any ideas?
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